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OIC Value Added Business

OIC is a sustainable approach to workforce development. Through integrated programs, OIC is uniquely positioned to offer an excellent academy, employer engagement opportunities, and medical services. OIC is a rich resource for the broader community. All ages benefit from the expansive offerings. Students experience in-depth classroom sessions combined with real world simulations. Potential employers can find well trained, job ready, employees.

High Quality Production

OIC is the best provider of Supply Chain Management solutions in the local market

Value Added

OIC enhances your Return On Investments (ROI) – our pricing and delivery remains stellar


Our team has over 100 years of combined Business, Management, and Manufacturing experience.

Comprehensive Delivery

OIC ships to over 40 companies in 15 states across the nation and to New Mexico/Canada.


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Our goal is simple – to empower our community through training and workplace education.

Just in time product management

We receive large amounts of our client’s products for storage and distribute them in a timely manner. The product is delivered to the client’s customer by request over a period of time (hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly). It may involve shipping, receiving, inspecting, packaging, labeling, and all aspects of operations.

Order fulfillment

We take your orders and make them ready for delivery to the intended customer.

plastic packaging return program

This is a recycling process that is used to return plastic packaging used for parts in a manufacturing facility. This packaging is retrieved and processed for return. Processing could involve inspection, washing, cleaning, de-labeling, repairing and any item that needs to be completed, in order to meet client specifications. Packaging is shipped back to the manufacturer and reused for continuous shipping. Unusable packaging is sent for regrind and is used to create new items.


We separate and rearrange an item that has multiple parts, sections, or pieces. Items are repackaged to the specification of the client. This is usually a short term project and it keeps the client’s employees focused on their primary task.

Sub assembly

We can collect parts + put them together to create one unit. This unit is often used in another assembly process to complete a final item.

Warehouse / distribution

We manage an inventory to reduce space, costs and provide better inventory control. We receive, inspect and ship inventory for our clients. This includes all administrative functions associated with the storage of a client’s goods and moving it to specified locations.

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