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OIC Education and Training

OIC's Education and Training Department provides comprehensive services enlisting creative, nontraditional instruction combined with practical work success principles for our students.

Education and Training is available to youth and adults of all educational levels and backgrounds, but especially to those most in need and hardest to serve.


To prepare our students and other individuals seeking to improve their quality of life by offering achievements in High School/ GED credentials, Work Readiness Certifications and Vocational and Employment training. Our department serves the community through programs such as:

  • Basic Education
  • HOPE Program
  • Summer Youth Employment Opportunities/ Work Experience
  • Parent Support Group
  • Saturday Academy (Leadership Development)
  • Adult Case Management Ser- vices
  • Employment Training Services (ETS)

OIC Training and Progams

  • Youth Programs

    Case Management Services
    Alternative Education (GED) Program
    Parent Support Group
    Saturday Academy
    Evening Academy
    Work Experience, Summer Youth Employment and YOUTH
    CONNECT Programs

  • Adult Programs

    Orientation to Employment
    Career Readiness Certificate (CRC)
    Alternative Education Program
    Construction Trades
    Nurse Assistant Program

  • Contact

    For more information, please contact:

    Denise Brown, Training Manager

    Charles Washington, Director of Education Services

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OIC Training and Education


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Education Programs

Our Education Department is currently accepting new students. If you are interested in Career Readiness Certificate Training, Highway Construction/Carpentry Trades, or PCHAST(CNA) Training give us a call today.

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